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Cleaning Up Mitts Work Wonders - With the Ultimate Fabric

Housecleaning has been the bane of my existence for as long as I can remember. At the ripe old age of 50, I finally concerned accept the truth that I would never ever be named " House cleaner of the Year." I think that my recalcitrance came from my belief that house cleaning was, to a big level, pointless. Take the kitchen, for instance. I would invest an hour or more scrubbing it to pristine excellence, only to prepare a meal and have grease-spattered countertops and smudged cupboards certainly stare back at me. In my heart, I just knew that all of the dust in the neighborhood picked my house as its final resting place. The stuff collected on the blinds, on photo frames, on ceiling fans, on knick-knacks - and obviously on coffee tables and the top of the TELEVISION.

My imperfections as a housemaid were never more obvious than when I went to visit my 2 closest buddies. To state they are tidy is an understatement. A dust mote would not attempt cross the limits of their homes. I think that a person of my friends cleans her home with the thought that Martha Stewart will appear any day to give it the white glove test, while the other invests part of each Saturday morning on a stepstool, cleaning the tops of her doorframes. On more than one event, I discovered myself rolling my eyes, wondering if they didn't have more efficient ways to invest their time. Deep down, however, I was simply a little bit jealous. After all, it's not that I don't enjoy the tranquility of a clean house; housekeeping simply never ever came out at the top of my list of priorities.


About a year ago, my perspective shifted when the 3 people were out to lunch and one buddy pointed out in passing that she 'd lost her cleansing mitt. My other friend was empathetic, and I kicked back as the two talked about the marvels of an ultimate fabric that made cleaning a breeze. As they waxed poetic about a mirafiber cloth that was washable, bleachable, and ensured for 5 years, I recognized that they didn't spend an excessive amount of time on housecleaning. Rather, they had found a item that made housekeeping a breeze.

Although it went against my nature, I decided to give this ultimate fabric a try. What I found was eye-opening. Essentially, I might clean my entire house (and my automobile) with water and a fabric. I didn't need a whole cabinet full of cleaning up products, and I didn't have to waste paper towels. Instead, I might wet the cloth, wring it out, wipe down the surface I was cleaning up, and then leave understanding it was all streak complimentary. I might eliminate everything from hair spray and grease to dust and soap residue without utilizing any chemicals at all. I even got a cleaning mitt, which worked fantastic for blinds, ceiling fans, and small items.

I'll still never be called " Housemaid of the Year," but with my supreme cloth, I discovered that keeping my house tidy doesn't have to be an unpleasant task. I don't have to choose between having a clean home and doing the important things I enjoy. Now, I can "clean as I go" and keep my house spic and span, and still have a lot of time for the things in life that are most important to me.