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Cleaning up and Storing your Dutch Oven

There are many opinions on cleaning up a Dutch Oven. Not all Dutch Stove cooks believe you can utilize soap in your Dutch Oven. Some cooks suggest never ever to wash them, others clean them, yet not with detergent. We have located that a well-seasoned oven will not be damaged by utilizing a couple of drops of dishwashing soap if you have been cooking something truly greasy. Simply make sure to rinse several times to see to it there is no soap residue. If your stove is not well-seasoned, whatever you put in the stove will be soaked up right into the pot and become part of your following dish.

Dutch Oven care starts with seasoning, however it is necessary to clean them properly after each usage. Cleaning cast iron is less complicated than scrubbing pots and pans. Asap after using your Dutch Stove, scrape out as much food as possible with a plastic scraper. Put 1 - 2 quarts of hot water in your oven and also scrub with a plastic scrubbing pad or a veggie brush. Promptly after washing, dry the oven extensively by placing it in your kitchen area stove at 150 to 200 levels for around 10 mins.

Cast Iron can only be dried out by home heating. Heat dries out the moisture in the pores. If a pot is not entirely dried out after it is used, it will certainly corrosion. The pores have to be opened by warming up, as well as the moisture dried of it. Do not allow the oven set about after cleaning, go straight from draining pipes the rinse water right into the kitchen stove ideally. If you are camping and don't have a kitchen oven to dry a Dutch Oven, dry it the most effective you can and attempt and also save it far from wetness.


Dutch Ovens when taken care of, will certainly last for generations. Make certain your oven has been cleaned up and also lightly fueled oil before putting it away. Attempt to maintain your stoves in a completely dry, warm area. Bear in mind, moisture with reason cast iron to corrosion. Leave your covers a little ajar, enabling the air to distribute. I such as to keep with a paper towel rolled up and protruding from under the cover. The towel inside the stove acts as a wick as well as will certainly help soak up moisture.

Tip: Here's another concept. If you require to keep an oven for long periods of time, make use of a light-weight food-grade Mineral Oil and also coat the stove, throughout. It's cheap and also efficient. Once you have actually sealed the stove with mineral oil, no oxygen can get to the seasoning as well as it will certainly last several months.

With right use and also appropriate treatment, a well seasoned stove creates a distinct taste unparalleled by any other cooking tool. That's the Magic, it looks great and also tastes also better!